Ten Things To Do In Rome

Rome has been one of my long time bucket list destinations, as for many others. My trip last fall was very spontaneous though, and it was that I finally went to this city, because the flights were the cheapest. I´m always up for a trip down south into the sun to eat some gelato, see the stunning old architecture and that special charm of Mediterranian cities and as Italy is a dream for me anyways, I was beyond exited, when the plane touched down. To share it with you here are my 10 musts for Rome.

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Daytrips from Madrid #1 – San Lorenzo de El Escorial

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When you´re staying in a city for a longer time for vacation, work or whatever reason you might have, you get the opportunity to get to know not only the city itself, but also its surroundings and nearby towns. That´s why I decided to start this little series showing you the beautiful places you can easily visit when staying in Madrid.  

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, with its impressive monastery and tranquil southern European small town charm, is located about an hour north of Madrid in the Guadarrama mountains. The scenery is pretty and the history of this village very interesting. Even if it was just for the train right up from Madrid, to me it would be worth it, as you drive through the green countryside towards the (if you go in winter or best in spring) snowcapped mountains. Continue reading “Daytrips from Madrid #1 – San Lorenzo de El Escorial”


Throwback: Favourite Destinations of 2015

2015 favourite destinations

After a while of travelling I find it helpful to take some time to reflect. I think about which places I liked best and why? How was the accomodation? Who did I spend time with? What did I eat, visit, do? All this can help you figure out important information about yourself and what you want future travels to be like. That being said, I was reminiscing about last year´s journeys and came up with my favourite destinations visited in 2015 and what made them special.

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What travelling taught me


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When you spend some time away from home, seperated from the people you are used to and experience a different country and its culture, you learn a lot of lessons about yourself and life. Which lessons this will be exactly may vary from person to person, but the experience surely changes you.

These are the five most important things travelling has taught me – so far, as you never stop learning.
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