How To Get Through A Travel Break

Upon return from Chicago last summer I found myself facing five months at home with no travel plans at all. After a year living in and travelling around the United States – the good amount of weekly payment had enabled me to see a ton of places – staying in my hometown for more than a few weeks wasn´t exactly my idea of how I wanted to spend my time and end a year that, up to this point, had been filled with adventure. So I decided to share things that worked for me making the best of some time back home.

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A Guide To One Day In The City Of Love

As for most people Paris was a trip that was on my travel bucketlist basically since I had something like that. I have to admit though, that I came to the city with pretty low expectations, as I had heard a lot of things – pickpockets, dirty etc. – beforehand, but was more than positively surprised by the French capital and its people. It is beautiful, cosmopolitan and I´ve had many interesting conversations with amazing locals. Too bad I only had a day to explore the city.

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Runs Around The World – Europe and the United States

For many years now I´ve been running on a regular basis, as well as travelling as often as I can. At home it is usually easy. You have your routes, maybe set running times, your gear, everything at hand. It gets a little harder to stick to that routine whilst traveling, but at the same time it gets a lot more exiting as well. Just think of all the great routes you could run, at places you´ve always wanted to go to, with views that take your breath. And yes, that´s me in the picture above, running in the heat of Death Valley National Park in Flip Flops – because “I just felt like running”, as Forrest Gump would say.                                                                I´ve put together my favourite runs abroad so far for all my fellow runners out there. Here you go – or run!

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