A Quick Guide To Washington DC

Obviously I also had to plan a visit to the US capital, while staying in the country and to be honest, it turned out to be one of my favourite places. Especially Georgetown with its charming little houses and beautiful old University left me fascinated. If you are planning to visit this not quite typical, yet beautiful American City here´s a quick guide to Washington DC.

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And now?

First, I want to apologize. It´s been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks and that bothers me quite a bit, as I had a bunch of posts ready. But the reason for me being offline most of the time actually means loads of material for future posts as I´ve been travelling and more than that planning a lot throughout the last couple of months or so. There will be posts about Granada and Malaga and I´m exited to explore my own region a little more, while home for the whole months of August – almost. And then there is a big plan ahead of me, that I can finally share with you. So without further ado here are my new and very exciting plans for the rest of 2016 and a good part of 2017 as well.

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