Two Days In New Orleans

As an Au Pair, with a pretty limited time of vacation days, weekend trips were often the easiest way to travel, without using those vacation days. I took weekend trips to DC, New York and, as mentioned in the post title, New Orleans.

March was a great time to travel there, as the weather was beautiful and so a much needed break from the cold in Chicago. But except the summer months, when it gets really hot New Orleans is worth a visit basically all year round. So here is, what our two days in The Big Easy looked like and of course, use it to plan your itinerary for a visit.

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Why coming back home is a bigger challenge than leaving

When you choose to go abroad for a few months or maybe even years there is a lot of adjustment coming your way. Isn´t this more than obvious?

Sooner or later you´ll find yourself in a discussion about this phenomenon called culture shock and you may realize that some of the common symptoms match your Situation.

coming home reverse culture shock heder and thumbnail

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Last fall, during a spontaneous five day round trip through Belgium, France and Luxembourg I hopped off the train in the stunning medieval town of Bruges for the first two days. Right when you start wandering into the old city center, that was named a World Heritage Site, it isn´t hard to see, why everyone loves it. So here are the things you shouldn´t miss out on when in Bruges.

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Recipes from Abroad – Homemade Empanadillas

One of the great things about travelling is that you get to try so many new foods. And when you cook them back home you can bring a part of your experience with you. After having experimented a bit, now I have my Empanadilla recipe ready and I´m pretty sure I´ll make this at home quite a few times. It´s just the perfect food for parties or picnics, hot days or cold ones and super versatile, as you can basically fill them with anything (try to substitute some of the flour for ground almonds and cocoa for example, fill with chocolate and cover in powdered sugar). So without further ado, lets get cooking!

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Picspiration: Colourful NOLA

nola colours header and thumbnail

As it has been a little over a year since I´ve visited The Big Easy, and – even if most of my clothes remain black and white – I´ve gotten into summer mood loving all things bright and happy lately, I felt like a photo-based post on this incredibly colourful and vivid city would be exactly the right thing. And even though this is not going to be an especially Mardi Gras related post I feel like this festivity has such a great impact on the city year round, that it is always present (I´m wishing to go back to NOLA to experience it one day).

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My Travel Essentials

As everyone who travels on a more or less regular basis (depending on my current situation money and timewise) I have accustomed to a few things I can’t travel without. These key items might vary a bit depending on the length of stay, type of transportation and accommodation etc, but are always basically a similar set of things.

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