8 reasons to travel solo

Solo travel is a truly different experience from travelling with friends, family or your significant other and a chance I can only encourage everyone to take. After all I´ve had some of the greatest experiences embarking on journeys on my own. Want to know why it is such a great opportunity? Well, keep on reading.  

Alonetime gets more and more important

In a world where we´re, connected 24/7 through social media etc. we often forget to take time to ourselves. But this alonetime is really important to think, to relax, to go enjoy the moment and your own company without focussing on the lifes of others and the ideals we see on social media day by day. Just take some time for yourself turn everything off and live and enjoy the moment. Whether you do it to sunbathe and catch a book or just leave your phone and go for a run or hike. Sometimes the best company is yourself.


You learn a lot about yourself

As you take that alone time I was just talking about, you will learn a lot about yourself. Because the truth is, that if we don´t focus on our own person sometimes we likely disregard our feelings and dreams.

Also, travelling solo will allow you to grow incredibly as a person, as through all the experiences and influences on your way you will change in so many aspects. For sure you´ll learn, that you´re capable of far more than you might have expected, because you´ll have to face difficult situations and solve problems on your own. And believe me, you will master them!

You make social contacts more easily

Alone you always seem more approachable to other people than when you´re travelling in a group or with your significant other. After all who wants to disturb a couple having dinner together or a group of friends, that stick together like glue? When you´re travelling by yourself, and especially when you´re staying in a hostel dorm room you´ll get in touch with people so much easier, make new friendships and hear the interesting stories of people from all over the world. 

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You can see and do what you want

Exploring the world on your own means that you don´t have to do any of the things you don´t want to. Noone is going to decide about activities but you, and you won´t have to waste a single minute of your precious time abroad doing something just because travel companions want to. It is your journey and your personal experience.

There is always room for one more person

On buses, guided tours etc. you´ll likely be the lucky one that can still join in when other people arrive in large groups and there are only few spots left. The same goes for restaurants etc. There is only that one seat at the bar left? Well, one chair won´t fit a group of four, but it´s perfect for you.

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You focus on the beauty around you

Oh, how many times have I sat somewhere, watching the sunset or just enjoying a moment on a trip wondering how people can miss out on all the special details and not be soaking up the atmosphere of a place. People just focusing on seeing everything every tourist “must” see of a city and getting the perfect shot of themselves in every famous place.

I remember my first evening in Rome, sitting on a wall for over an hour watching the sun set over the city, while the majority was just concerned about placing their selfie sticks in the right angle and leaving right after having taken a good shot. They didn´t see the little girl laughing in excitement, because the sky was covered with swarms of birds or the balloon rising higher and higher into the evening sky until it disappeared. When you´re by yourself you´ll just focus on the beauty around you so much more, as you don´t have to focus on other people etc. And like that you will experience those truly magical moments that, however small, will stay on your mind.

It is easier to travel on a budget

Although you might not score the group discounts, neither will you have to join any activity you don´t want to do, whereas travelling in a group you´re likely to go with what everybody else is doing. Travelling solo though, you get to decide what activities you´re willing to spend you´re hard earned money on, if you want to splurge on a nice meal or cook something yourself, whether you stay in a cheap hostel or a luxury hotel, if you want to use public transportation or hire a driver and so on. I think you´re getting it.

You are more flexible 

Imagine this. You really love that place you´re visiting and want to stay longer. After all you don´t have to return to work until one week after going back. And the hotel has rooms available for a few more days, so why not do it? If you´re by yourself? Easy. 

If you´re travelling with someone? The other person might not have a vacation as long as you do, they might not be that fond of the destination or whatever other problem might occur. 

The same goes for your trip itinerary etc. Cause obviously it is easier to just have one opinion, than having to try to meet everybodies wishes and expectations. Moreover, if you change your mind you´re not set to anything, don´t have appointments and can just switch up your plans however you want to.

Have you tried travelling solo ? What are your thoughts on it ?


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