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First, I want to apologize. It´s been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks and that bothers me quite a bit, as I had a bunch of posts ready. But the reason for me being offline most of the time actually means loads of material for future posts as I´ve been travelling and more than that planning a lot throughout the last couple of months or so. There will be posts about Granada and Malaga and I´m exited to explore my own region a little more, while home for the whole months of August – almost. And then there is a big plan ahead of me, that I can finally share with you. So without further ado here are my new and very exciting plans for the rest of 2016 and a good part of 2017 as well.

life update 1 back home

August 1st – 18th

I am writing this while on the road for what feels like the tenths time this week. Yes, I am back in good (c)old Germany suffering cold and a lack of sun – just kidding, but I really miss the Spanish heat and sun. When my hostparents realized “Tomorrow you´ll be home” last tuesday I could only think that that´d be pretty amazing. But I still had a few busy days ahead of me. After a two day stop in Munich and another one in Chemnitz I am now on my last bus for a while – 9 hours that give me some time to catch up on here. And then I am finally in my own bed for a months. Don´t get this wrong, I do love travelling, being on the road and making new places my home on time. But after the last few days running around with my luggage that basically holds my whole life of the past few months it feels quite amazing to unpack and reminisce about the half year I called Spain my home and fell so badly for this country.

life update birthday

August 6th

If you´re constantly abroad and barely ever see your family and friends back home in person you´ll know that celebrating holidays or birthdays with your loved ones becomes a rare luxury. Anybody who has the same experience will understand how incredibly exited I am to celebrate my birthday at home this year.

August 18th – 21st

London calling! Having had a wonderful year in the US, I miss my American family like crazy, so being able to catch up with them in the British capital is a truly exiting thought and makes my anticipation for this trip even bigger! I´ve only been to London once before, with school, so I am looking forward to exploring the city on my own – or with the other former Au Pairs that will all visit – and also catching up with friends I made in Bruges last year.

August 22nd – 29th

Back home I will have a not exactly relaxing week ahead of me, as it will be full of prepping and packing for what will be a huge and completely new adventure.

August 30th

In the early morning we (that´s me and my better half) will touch down in Hong Kong. My first time in Asia and I can´t wait. Only for one day though, as this isn´t more than a layover to our final destination for the next year or so – there is no return ticket yet.

new adventure life plans NZ

August 31st until mid 2017

I am more than happy to finally announce my/ our next big adventure. I am going to bring a backpack, the application for the working holiday visa is submitted and there is going to be a ton of beautiful nature everywhere. Arriving in Auckland the last day of August a year full of new adventures and challenges is going to kick off. All of the friends that I talked to that visited New Zealand before could only tell me, that no photo could do the beauty of the country and its versatile nature justice. So after living and enjoying the Spanish life I am now ready to go as far as possible, right to the other side of the globe to explore and just live life.


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