How To Get Through A Travel Break

Upon return from Chicago last summer I found myself facing five months at home with no travel plans at all. After a year living in and travelling around the United States – the good amount of weekly payment had enabled me to see a ton of places – staying in my hometown for more than a few weeks wasn´t exactly my idea of how I wanted to spend my time and end a year that, up to this point, had been filled with adventure. So I decided to share things that worked for me making the best of some time back home.

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A Guide To One Day In The City Of Love

As for most people Paris was a trip that was on my travel bucketlist basically since I had something like that. I have to admit though, that I came to the city with pretty low expectations, as I had heard a lot of things – pickpockets, dirty etc. – beforehand, but was more than positively surprised by the French capital and its people. It is beautiful, cosmopolitan and I´ve had many interesting conversations with amazing locals. Too bad I only had a day to explore the city.

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Runs Around The World – Europe and the United States

For many years now I´ve been running on a regular basis, as well as travelling as often as I can. At home it is usually easy. You have your routes, maybe set running times, your gear, everything at hand. It gets a little harder to stick to that routine whilst traveling, but at the same time it gets a lot more exiting as well. Just think of all the great routes you could run, at places you´ve always wanted to go to, with views that take your breath. And yes, that´s me in the picture above, running in the heat of Death Valley National Park in Flip Flops – because “I just felt like running”, as Forrest Gump would say.                                                                I´ve put together my favourite runs abroad so far for all my fellow runners out there. Here you go – or run!

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Recipes from Abroad – American Cookies

It has been almost a year now, since I returned home from my American adventure as an Aupair and still I make these many times, usually ending up eating way too many, but it´s a taste that brings back so many good memories and even better, that it is a little joy I can share. During my year in the Chi-Town suburbs I baked and decorated so many cookies and pastries, that one day my hostdad asked why I didn´t add it to my resume. Back in Germany and in my current Spanish home I switched up the recipe quite a few times and this is what I came up with.

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A Quick Guide To Porto – The City by the Golden River

Porto up in the north, by the Atlantic Ocean isn´t as crowded with tourists, as Lisbon – except for the river banks – and has a lot to offer as well. To be honest, it might have captured me more than Lisbon, if that is even possible. And if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you know just how much I loved the Portuguese capital.

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Daytrips from Madrid #4 – Segovia

Another gem close to Madrid in Castilla y León and therefore perfect for a visit in a day – or two – is Segovia. Featuring a ton of amazing ancient buildings and views of the Guadarrama mountains the old town with its aqueduct is a UNESCO world heritage site for a reason.

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A Guide To Guimarães – The Perfect Daytrip From Porto

About an hour drive inland from Porto you´ll find Guimarães, also referred to as the birthcity of Portugal. The pretty historic town is therefore a great opportunity for a daytrip from Porto and I´d definitely not miss it. 

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For years I had wanted to go to Lisbon and when I was finally able to make it happen this spring I fell in love with this city, that has something special to it and knew right away, that I needed to share this! So finally, after my posts about Lisbon´s different districts and Pastéis de Nata, here you got a whole guide to the city of seven hills.

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The three best places for Pastéis de Nata in Lisbon

As the most popular Portuguese Pastry Item Pastéis de Nata are an easy find in Lisbon. There are numerous places all over the city, that sell the delicious custard tarts and therefore I had no problem with being on a strict Pastéis de Nata diet – I must´ve gotten the term food combining diet wrong, as it didn´t make me loose any weight, though. Or maybe it was because of the Bica – portuguese Espresso – that I had with it?  The perfect combo by the way!

Of course I had to try the original Pastéis de Belém in the Belem neighbourhood, that are often said to be the best, but I also found other places with really, really yummy versions of the pastry. So without any further ado, here are my three favourite places for Pastéis de Nata.
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Ten Songs That Will Inspire You To Travel

As a person who listens to music while getting ready, cooking, cleaning, writing, running, driving and basically just anytime I can, it is probably the thing that inspires me most and moves me the most deeply. Based on that I put together a list of my favourite inspirational and motivational songs, that inspire me to travel and live life to the fullest every day.
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