Two Days In New Orleans

As an Au Pair, with a pretty limited time of vacation days, weekend trips were often the easiest way to travel, without using those vacation days. I took weekend trips to DC, New York and, as mentioned in the post title, New Orleans.

March was a great time to travel there, as the weather was beautiful and so a much needed break from the cold in Chicago. But except the summer months, when it gets really hot New Orleans is worth a visit basically all year round. So here is, what our two days in The Big Easy looked like and of course, use it to plan your itinerary for a visit.

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Picspiration: Colourful NOLA

nola colours header and thumbnail

As it has been a little over a year since I´ve visited The Big Easy, and – even if most of my clothes remain black and white – I´ve gotten into summer mood loving all things bright and happy lately, I felt like a photo-based post on this incredibly colourful and vivid city would be exactly the right thing. And even though this is not going to be an especially Mardi Gras related post I feel like this festivity has such a great impact on the city year round, that it is always present (I´m wishing to go back to NOLA to experience it one day).

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A Quick Guide To Washington DC

Obviously I also had to plan a visit to the US capital, while staying in the country and to be honest, it turned out to be one of my favourite places. Especially Georgetown with its charming little houses and beautiful old University left me fascinated. If you are planning to visit this not quite typical, yet beautiful American City here´s a quick guide to Washington DC.

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Runs Around The World – Europe and the United States

For many years now I´ve been running on a regular basis, as well as travelling as often as I can. At home it is usually easy. You have your routes, maybe set running times, your gear, everything at hand. It gets a little harder to stick to that routine whilst traveling, but at the same time it gets a lot more exiting as well. Just think of all the great routes you could run, at places you´ve always wanted to go to, with views that take your breath. And yes, that´s me in the picture above, running in the heat of Death Valley National Park in Flip Flops – because “I just felt like running”, as Forrest Gump would say.                                                                I´ve put together my favourite runs abroad so far for all my fellow runners out there. Here you go – or run!

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Recipes from Abroad – American Cookies

It has been almost a year now, since I returned home from my American adventure as an Aupair and still I make these many times, usually ending up eating way too many, but it´s a taste that brings back so many good memories and even better, that it is a little joy I can share. During my year in the Chi-Town suburbs I baked and decorated so many cookies and pastries, that one day my hostdad asked why I didn´t add it to my resume. Back in Germany and in my current Spanish home I switched up the recipe quite a few times and this is what I came up with.

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Throwback: Favourite Destinations of 2015

2015 favourite destinations

After a while of travelling I find it helpful to take some time to reflect. I think about which places I liked best and why? How was the accomodation? Who did I spend time with? What did I eat, visit, do? All this can help you figure out important information about yourself and what you want future travels to be like. That being said, I was reminiscing about last year´s journeys and came up with my favourite destinations visited in 2015 and what made them special.

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