A Quick Guide To Washington DC

Obviously I also had to plan a visit to the US capital, while staying in the country and to be honest, it turned out to be one of my favourite places. Especially Georgetown with its charming little houses and beautiful old University left me fascinated. If you are planning to visit this not quite typical, yet beautiful American City here´s a quick guide to Washington DC.

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A Quick Guide To Porto – The City by the Golden River

Porto up in the north, by the Atlantic Ocean isn´t as crowded with tourists, as Lisbon – except for the river banks – and has a lot to offer as well. To be honest, it might have captured me more than Lisbon, if that is even possible. And if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you know just how much I loved the Portuguese capital.

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Ten Things To Do In Rome

Rome has been one of my long time bucket list destinations, as for many others. My trip last fall was very spontaneous though, and it was that I finally went to this city, because the flights were the cheapest. I´m always up for a trip down south into the sun to eat some gelato, see the stunning old architecture and that special charm of Mediterranian cities and as Italy is a dream for me anyways, I was beyond exited, when the plane touched down. To share it with you here are my 10 musts for Rome.

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