Recipes from Abroad – Homemade Empanadillas

One of the great things about travelling is that you get to try so many new foods. And when you cook them back home you can bring a part of your experience with you. After having experimented a bit, now I have my Empanadilla recipe ready and I´m pretty sure I´ll make this at home quite a few times. It´s just the perfect food for parties or picnics, hot days or cold ones and super versatile, as you can basically fill them with anything (try to substitute some of the flour for ground almonds and cocoa for example, fill with chocolate and cover in powdered sugar). So without further ado, lets get cooking!

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Recipes from Abroad – American Cookies

It has been almost a year now, since I returned home from my American adventure as an Aupair and still I make these many times, usually ending up eating way too many, but it´s a taste that brings back so many good memories and even better, that it is a little joy I can share. During my year in the Chi-Town suburbs I baked and decorated so many cookies and pastries, that one day my hostdad asked why I didn´t add it to my resume. Back in Germany and in my current Spanish home I switched up the recipe quite a few times and this is what I came up with.

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