Why coming back home is a bigger challenge than leaving

When you choose to go abroad for a few months or maybe even years there is a lot of adjustment coming your way. Isn´t this more than obvious?

Sooner or later you´ll find yourself in a discussion about this phenomenon called culture shock and you may realize that some of the common symptoms match your Situation.

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My Travel Essentials

As everyone who travels on a more or less regular basis (depending on my current situation money and timewise) I have accustomed to a few things I can’t travel without. These key items might vary a bit depending on the length of stay, type of transportation and accommodation etc, but are always basically a similar set of things.

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And now?

First, I want to apologize. It´s been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks and that bothers me quite a bit, as I had a bunch of posts ready. But the reason for me being offline most of the time actually means loads of material for future posts as I´ve been travelling and more than that planning a lot throughout the last couple of months or so. There will be posts about Granada and Malaga and I´m exited to explore my own region a little more, while home for the whole months of August – almost. And then there is a big plan ahead of me, that I can finally share with you. So without further ado here are my new and very exciting plans for the rest of 2016 and a good part of 2017 as well.

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How To Get Through A Travel Break

Upon return from Chicago last summer I found myself facing five months at home with no travel plans at all. After a year living in and travelling around the United States – the good amount of weekly payment had enabled me to see a ton of places – staying in my hometown for more than a few weeks wasn´t exactly my idea of how I wanted to spend my time and end a year that, up to this point, had been filled with adventure. So I decided to share things that worked for me making the best of some time back home.

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Runs Around The World – Europe and the United States

For many years now I´ve been running on a regular basis, as well as travelling as often as I can. At home it is usually easy. You have your routes, maybe set running times, your gear, everything at hand. It gets a little harder to stick to that routine whilst traveling, but at the same time it gets a lot more exiting as well. Just think of all the great routes you could run, at places you´ve always wanted to go to, with views that take your breath. And yes, that´s me in the picture above, running in the heat of Death Valley National Park in Flip Flops – because “I just felt like running”, as Forrest Gump would say.                                                                I´ve put together my favourite runs abroad so far for all my fellow runners out there. Here you go – or run!

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Ten Songs That Will Inspire You To Travel

As a person who listens to music while getting ready, cooking, cleaning, writing, running, driving and basically just anytime I can, it is probably the thing that inspires me most and moves me the most deeply. Based on that I put together a list of my favourite inspirational and motivational songs, that inspire me to travel and live life to the fullest every day.
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8 reasons to travel solo

Solo travel is a truly different experience from travelling with friends, family or your significant other and a chance I can only encourage everyone to take. After all I´ve had some of the greatest experiences embarking on journeys on my own. Want to know why it is such a great opportunity? Well, keep on reading.   Continue reading “8 reasons to travel solo”


What travelling taught me


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When you spend some time away from home, seperated from the people you are used to and experience a different country and its culture, you learn a lot of lessons about yourself and life. Which lessons this will be exactly may vary from person to person, but the experience surely changes you.

These are the five most important things travelling has taught me – so far, as you never stop learning.
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