My Story

I know there are a ton of travel blogs out there already, which became more than obvious, when I was looking for my domain – let me tell you, it involved a lot of brainstorming and still I had to modify the writing. Nonetheless I decided to start yet another one, as I enjoy reading them so much myself and they have inspired me countless times. They give me helpful information before I go somewhere new and keep me entertained, when I am not currently travelling myself. They are my escape, when I feel like I´ve been stuck at home for way to long and help me, because through them, I know that there are other people, in whose lifes travelling has a huge meaning and that know the constant urge to go somewhere and the feeling of not always being sure, where you really belong. I just want to share my passion with you and if I can inspire only one of you to take that trip and see the world I´d be more than happy.

I am just a 20 year- old German girl with the dream to travel the world and live life to the fullest and this is my story.

If someone asked me, when I developed my love for travelling, I would certainly not say, that it had always been like that. I didn´t get to travel a lot, when I was little. In fact, when I was a child, nearly every summer vacation with my family was spent in Bavaria and that was all the travelling I did. But maybe, who knows, that was exactly what gave me the urge to explore more of this world later. All I know is, that in highschool I developed an interest for visiting new places, learn about different cultures and decided I wanted to go abroad. I used the opportunities of class trips and exchanges and I travelled to Italy for the first time, which since then has and will always have a special place in my heart.

I would say, that 2013 was an important year for my travel life. I turned 18, which gave me a lot more freedom and confidence and travelled to Prag, Poland, Italy, La Palma (Canary Islands) and Munich. And I loved it.  (Also it was that year, that I got my little “travel piggy”, that comes with me everytime I travel. Meanwhile it looks pretty messy, but well, it´s a pig and it has seen a lot.)

Not being given a scholarship I applied for to spend a year at an American Highschool, I decided I would just make up for it becoming an Au Pair. Two weeks after graduating from High School I hopped onto a plane to New York City, where we had our “Orientation Days” and three days later I arrived at my new home for a year. A suburb of the windy city, Chicago. I had the most amazing host family, that I miss like crazy, and got to see a lot. In fact, I barely used any money for things other than travelling – well, maybe for warm winter clothes, which are pretty useful during the cold Chicago winters – and ended up having saved a total of two dollars and eighty cents, when boarded the plane back home. But I wouldn´t want it any other way as all the beautiful memories are worth way more than all the money in the world.

Since I enjoyed my year in the States so much I applied for another job abroad and after being back to Germany for a few months I´m now turning more and more into a Spanish girl as my hostmum here likes to say. More relaxed, a little – just kidding – completely unorganized and soaking up as much of the culture as I can – including learning to park on the wrong side or in tiny spaces and dancing Flamenco. 

For another three months I´ll call Madrid my home before another big adventure is waiting. But more on that later.