My Travel Essentials

As everyone who travels on a more or less regular basis (depending on my current situation money and timewise) I have accustomed to a few things I can’t travel without. These key items might vary a bit depending on the length of stay, type of transportation and accommodation etc, but are always basically a similar set of things.

1) My camera

I´ve stopped buying souvenirs, that just serve as dust collectors back at home, years ago as the best souvenirs are memories and photos anyways. They are what takes you back to a moment or place and of course without my camera I wouldn´t be able to show you all these beautiful places. Depending on where I´m going I´ll take an additional lense, but I always have my camera in its bag, bringing a rain protection, just in case. I´m currently using an Olympus OM-D E-M 10 and am very happy with it.

travel essentials phone

2) Phone

Boarding passes, maps, contacts, social media, snapshots, keeping your family and friends updated or entertaining yourself on long journeys. Need I say more?

3) Plane reads 

This could be anything from a language or city guide over a book to a magazine. Plane, train or bus rides never seem shorter than when you read something capturing -unless you get sick doing so, then don´t. I´m currently reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson – my favourite author at the moment – which tells the story of him and a not exactly friend hiking the Appalachian Trail. It´s a big inspiration, as I´m preparing for a backpacking trip starting this summer.

lisbon lookout castle

4) A black pair of leggins

A simple pair of black opaque leggins can be a lifesaver. For short trips I always pack exactly as much as I need and not a single piece too much. Everybody who knows me though, knows that I am Clumsy Smurf. So I´ll usually take a pair of leggins, that I´ll use as pyjamas and back up pants. They just recently came in handy on a weekend trip to Lisbon, when my actual pants where soaked after a day of pouring rain and there was no way to wear them again.

5) a Notebook

I´ll always, always, always carry a notebook with me. Whether that is to take my travel information and plans with me written down or to plan and write posts and ideas whilst on the go.

powerbar notebook travel essentials

6) Power bar  

I always asked people what they needed to carry this around for and if their phone battery was actually ‘that bad’. Well always, until my trip to Washington DC last fall when after half a day my phone died and I did not know how in the world I should find my way to my AirBnB. I solved the map problem pretty quickly with a good old paper map – these are still the best – but I hadn’t written down the address I needed to go to, so I wasted valuable time of my short stay, sitting at Starbucks charging my phone. A while after that I found this pretty little portable charger and haven’t worried about a low phone battery ever since.

7) A scarf

This one is especially for chilly plane rides, when a scarf converted into a blanket can safe you from arriving at your destination with a starting cold. But it also works as something to wrap around yourself, while waiting for the hotel/ hostel room to warm up or in countries with a different climate. It took me quite a while to get accustomed to the American air-conditioning as well. And of course you can always use a scarf to dress up an outfit or to wrap around your waist at the beach.

8) Hand sanitizer

Touching so many things, while on the go, I want to make sure to keep it clean, especially before eating. I love the Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers, as they smell just heavenly and there is such a huge variety. I brought a bunch from the US, so hopefully I´m not going to run out anytime soon.

travel essentials pig and scarf

9) My travel pig 

I forgot this guy once, ONCE, when I went to Bavaria and Berlin. This little travel piggy has been my loyal travel companion for quite a few years and trips now. And it will go through lots and lots of adventures with me in the future. About that I´m sure.

What are the things you can´t travel without?


Author: Carina

20 year- old without any intention to travel less just yet. Why settle, if there is still so much beauty to explore out there?

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