Picspiration – Malasaña and Chueca

I was going to write a long informative guide about my two absolute favourite neighbourhoods in Madrid. I was going to give advice on where to go, what to see and where to eat. But that isn´t what Malasaña and Chueca are about. You will need to explore them yourself, get lost and drawn in by this wonderful part of the Spanish capital.

Just take a walk in the morning, when all the shops and cafés are still closed and the streets are filled with the smell of fresh herbs being delivered to the restaurants.  When the shutters are still down and you can marvel about the street art painted on them.Or in the middle of the day, when the small alleys invite you to stroll in the shade and do some shopping in one of the little independent shops everywhere, escaping Madrid´s summer heat and tourist flooded streets.

Or at night, to go out and live the Spanish life with some wine and food in one of the many bars and restaurants.

Really – just go at any time you like. All I am going to do with this post is to give you some photo inspiration to make sure you won´t miss out on these gems whenever you spend some time in Madrid. Cause it would be a real pity.

malasana chueca 6malasana chueca 7malasana chueca 11malasana chueca 3

malasana chueca 9malasana chueca 10

malasana chueca 8malasana chueca 2malasana chueca 12malasana chueca 13malasana chueca 1malasana chueca 14schweppes buildingmalasana chueca 5malasana chueca 4malasana chueca 15


One Sunday every year there is a big street art event called Pinta Malasaña where different artists paint the closed blinds of the stores. So if you take a walk during the weekend or morning hours, when everything is still shut you can see most of their works.




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