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For many years now I´ve been running on a regular basis, as well as travelling as often as I can. At home it is usually easy. You have your routes, maybe set running times, your gear, everything at hand. It gets a little harder to stick to that routine whilst traveling, but at the same time it gets a lot more exiting as well. Just think of all the great routes you could run, at places you´ve always wanted to go to, with views that take your breath. And yes, that´s me in the picture above, running in the heat of Death Valley National Park in Flip Flops – because “I just felt like running”, as Forrest Gump would say.                                                                I´ve put together my favourite runs abroad so far for all my fellow runners out there. Here you go – or run!

runs around the world paris seine

Run along the Seine, Paris 

As the roads along the banks of the Seine are closed to cars on Sundays (9am – 5pm) this is the perfect opportunity for a beautiful run along the river, that winds through the French capital. You´ll get some really pretty views as you´ll be passing by many of Paris beautiful old bridges – Pont Alexandre III has to be my favourite though. And why not finish with a little stretching session by the Eiffel Tower? As if that wasn´t quite a nice reward, right?  

National Mall and Landmarks of Washington DC

After visiting the area around the White House, Washington Monument, Capitol and Lincoln Memorial at daytime, I soon decided that I wanted to see those landmarks illuminated on a late evening run. And let me tell you, it was a whole different experience. The great white monuments already glow by themselves, but with the lighting at night, it´s even more impressive. And more tranquil, as there weren´t a lot of tourists at that hour (I ran around 9:30 PM). 

runs around the world munich

English Garden, Munich 

A run in one of the largest parks in the world – bigger than Central Park – the English Garden in the Bavarian capital Munich. Train of Brezen, Weißwurst and beer from last night (yes I´m totally going for those stereotypes here), passing by the Chinese Tower and the surfers on the Eisbach. A great way to go even farther is to connect your route with a run along the river Isar – at least that´s how I usually do it. 

Ragnar Chicago 

The best running experience I´ve had so far. Ragnar is a Relay Race of two days and one night and this one in particular runs from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois for about 200 Miles. You run with a team of twelve, divided on two vans, that basically are your home for those two days -for the ones of you that really want to go even further beyond their limits, there is an Ultra option for teams of only six. Three runs in 36 hours isn´t easy, but the feeling when you finally made it is reward enough. There are Ragnar events all over the United States and I can just encourage every fellow runner to grab some friends and do this. You´ll bond, have tons of fun, beautiful views and will be lacking sleep and pushing your limits. The terrible soreness afterwards will pass, but the memories will stay forever.  More information on the official website:

runs around the world vegas

Run The Strip, Las Vegas 

To be honest, I cheated on that one, as I didn´t actually do it, for the one simple reason, that I went to Las Vegas in the end of July/ beginning of August, which is the hottest time and even walking was pretty exhausting. Anyways, I would´ve loved to do it. But since I didn´t want to take the risk I sticked to the treadmill of our hotel (Ceasar´s Palace), from where I had a nice view of the “Eiffel Tower” at least. 

runs around the world round bruges

Round Bruges in an hour

Why not start your day exploring this beautiful Belgian city with a morning run around the city? Along the water it is a route of about 8 km/ 5 miles, so it should take somewhere between 30 minutes (never going to be that fast myself) and an hour, depending on your pace. And Bruges is an amazingly pretty city, so this run will be a great one. 

How do you stay active whilst travelling?


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